Thank you for your interest in the audience application form for THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIIA season one. Please note that contestants for THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIA are selected from the studio audience. In order to create the right atmosphere and to give contestants maximum support, we suggest you come in groups of 2 to 10 persons.  You could bring friends, family or work colleagues – the more the merrier!

To ensure that the recording process of the Price is Right is a smooth sail and is as uninterrupted as possible and to guarantee a unique, memorable and exciting experience, we request that you abide by these Terms and Conditions.


  1. The application is open to members of the public from every state of the Federation.
  2. The Application Forms can be only be obtained here on our website and will not be available elsewhere, including at the studio.
  3. If coming in a group, you are to ensure that the application form of each member of your group is filled out and the Release License attached is duly signed.
  4. You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to the studio from anywhere in Nigeria. Genesis Studio Ventures Limited (Producers) will not be under any liability to reimburse any travel expenses you may incur travelling to the studio as part of the audience unless otherwise stated.
  5. Sadly, due to the large amount of application requests we have received, not all applicants will receive invitations to come for the show, this may include you. For clarification purposes filling of an application form does not in any way shape or form guarantee admission/acceptance as a studio audience member.
  6. By submitting the application form (after downloading and filling the required information), you have confirmed your availability for the recording and production, and by so doing have accepted to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Access and Car Parking

  1. Access to the recording studio is strictly between 6:30am and 7:30am. each day of the recording.
  2. Audience members are not allowed to leave the studio during the recording, except during the breaks if any.
  3. THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIA will be recorded in Lagos, Nigeria between August and September 2018
  4. There would be free parking for minibuses and private cars in the studio premises. Audience members with vehicles are advised to use the premises parking only. Vehicles parked outside of the premises are at owner’s risks, GSVL accepts no responsibility and is not under any liability for damage and loss/theft of any vehicle.

Filming and Broadcast

  1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and also by signing the release form below, you agree that THE PRICE IS RIGHT can use your image, likeness, voice, etc for broadcast, re-broadcast, promotional and advertising and marketing purposes.
  2. Persons above the age of 18 are eligible to be part of this show and are able to participate as a contestant if called upon.
  3. Due to reasons of health and safety and broadcast legislations, persons under the age of 18 are not able to be a part of the studio audience and will not be allowed into the studio.
  4. Mobile phones and other forms of recording devices are prohibited inside the recording studio. Any audience member seen recording the sessions in part of in full without authorization will be seen out of the studio premises and may face legal actions.


  1. Smart/casual wear is the most suitable for the show. Although informal, you are not to wear faded blue jeans, tracksuits or any clothing with Big Logos, GSVL reserves the rights to refuse your entry into the studio should you not compile with the clothing regulations.
  2. Although it is important that you wear clothes in which you feel happy and comfortable for the recording television cameras do place some small restrictions on certain colours and patterns, so please bear the following in mind:
    1. Avoid anything white, cream or very pale pastel shades, small checks and pattern and pale shiny materials.
    2. Bright, plain and bold colours look good under the strong studio lights. So you advised to wear clothes reflecting these colours.
    3. Each group may/ can design unique matching shirts to make them stand out from the crowd and easily noticed more than the other groups.

General Conduct

  1. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Any person causing a disturbance will be escorted off the premises and will not be allowed to return. GSVL reserves the right to refuse entry and to eject from the premises any person whose conduct/speech is deemed by the producer to be disruptive or disorderly or otherwise fails to comply with the directives of the Producer and its staff.
  2. Audience members are required to follow the direction of The Price is Right staff at all times, or the production prompters.
  3. Smoking within the production premises is highly prohibited as we operate a strict no smoking policy at the production premises.
  4. Alcohol is strictly forbidden and cannot be consumed in or around the premises.
  5. GSVL reserves the right to reject or refuse any person who in its discretion is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or any form of illegal substance. The US version permits a bit of alcohol to help relieve any tension if the audience needs it.


  1. Members of the Audience are advised to secure their personal belongings and be mindful at all times, all personal belonging are strictly at owners risks.
  2. Genesis Studio Ventures Limited (Producers of the Price is Right Nigeria) will not be liable or responsible for any damage and loss/theft of audience members’ personal belongings.

Devices and Recordings

  1. Mobile phones and devices must be switched off during production and within the studio, any interference from you phone may result in your been ejected from the studio and not allowed back in for other production sessions.
  2. If your phone must be on, it must be on airplane mode, the audience is encouraged to photograph and video the production and free to upload such materials to social media sites, YouTube etc. This is not allowed inside the recording studio!
  3. Flash photography is strictly forbidden.
  4. Any recording device (still image, moving image and/or audio) that produces a sound must be muted so as not to make any sound. Such devices are not allowed inside the recording studio
  5. Audience members that upload materials are kindly requested to tag the Price is Right Nigeria using any of our social media handles.


  1. GSVL, or any member of The Price is Right broadcast team shall not be liable or responsible for any injury, loss, accident, damage or any other claim that may arise:
    1. during the recording of the Game show:
    2. connected with your participation in the Game show;
    3. because of the broadcast of the Game show, including any statements made by the host, announcer, contestant, staff member or other audience member; or otherwise arising from any effects or results of my participation in the Game show.
  2. With respect to my ticket/invitation for entry issued by the Producers, you agree and acknowledge that the ticket/invitation does not guarantee entry to the recording studio if you do not arrive at the stated time and/or the studio is already at its maximum capacity when you arrive. Genesis Studio Ventures Limited reserves the right to deny any ticket/invitation holder entry to the studio at its sole discretion.
  3. The ticket/invitation is not transferrable, not redeemable for cash, may not be sold or offered for sale, may not be reproduced or duplicated and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.


Online activation and prize redemption is open to Lagos residence only or otherwise stated. All prizes won must be redeemed at the designated SPAR outlets in Lagos, Nigeria or otherwise stated.


By agreeing to this Studio Audience Terms and Conditions, YOU hereby give/grant to GENESIS STUDIO VENTURES LIMITED (OWNERS/PRODUCERS OF THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIA) its assignees, licensees, successor-in-title, legal representatives etc, by virtue of its position as owners and producers of TPIR, all rights, title and interest(including present and future copyright) in all media (now known or hereafter devised) and formats throughout the world for the full period of copyright (including any extensions and renewals thereto) and thereafter insofar as is possible in perpetuity, all recordings of your  name, appearance, likeness, voice on film or videotape arising out of the production and broadcast of the show including, as may be required of you at the Producer’s discretion, your taking part in any ‘trailer’ or photograph (taken on its own or as a ‘still’ from the recording) designed to promote and publicize the Game show/Program. You waive the right to inspect or approve the photograph(s) or finished versions incorporating the photograph(s), video(s) that may be created or appear in connection therewith.

YOU hereby release and agree to hold harmless GENESIS STUDIO VENTURES LIMITED (OWNERS/PRODUCERS OF THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIA), its assigns, successor-in-title, legal representative and photographers from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alternation, optical illusions or use in composite form whether international or otherwise, that may occur or to be produced in the taking of the photographs or in any processing tending towards the completion of the finished product, unless it can be shown that they and the publications thereof were maliciously caused, produced and published solely for the purpose of subjecting you to ridicule, scandal, reproach, scorn and or indignity.

YOU irrevocably consent to the Producer (and persons duly authorised by the Producer) transferring personal information about you throughout the world to related body corporate and third parties associated with the game show/program and to use such personal information for all other purposes contemplated therein.

YOU agree that GENESIS STUDIO VENTURES LIMITED (OWNERS/PRODUCERS OF THE PRICE IS RIGHT NIGERIA) own the legal and equitable rights, including the copyright of the above and YOU hereby waive any claim you may have based on any usage there from, including but not limited to claims for either invasion of privacy or libel.

YOU are of full age and mind, and entitled to sign this release and you agree that THIS RELEASE LICENSE SHALL BE BINDING ON you, your legal representative, heirs and assigns.

YOU have read this release and fully familiar with its contents.