Frank Edoho is an ace broadcaster and compere whose popularity soared as the host of the popular game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The University of Calabar graduate, who is also a renowned voice-over artiste has since earned himself a huge fan followership across Nigeria and beyond. His experience as a broadcaster includes stints with CRBC Calabar, DBN Television and Metro FM97.6.

Frank brings on his vast experience and charismatic personality as the host of The Price Is Right. He speaks enthusiastically about being the host of this amazing game show.

“Shortly after WWTBAM went off the air, I got this offer to be the host of a new game show that had just come to Nigeria. To my great surprise, the show was ‘The Price Is Right’! Never in my wildest thoughts would I have guessed I’d be hosting another International Game Show just after my last gig wrapped up. I am so excited to take on a new, exciting odyssey and it will be an absolute thrill to be let into Nigerian homes once again.”

Known for his wittiness and charm, Frank like every one associated with the show is thrilled by the uniqueness of The Price Is Right game show.

“The Price Is Right is different from any other Game Show currently in Nigeria because although the concept of a Quiz Show is attractive to some Nigerians, others might be a little scared of fluffing their lines on National TV when they can’t answer some of the questions asked them. TPIR is a phenomenal concept where you are asked to estimate the price of products and you go from one hurdle to another, winning prizes along the way until you eventually get to a mega prize.”

Frank strongly believe that the Nigerian audience are set to experience a show that is packed with wholesome, unalloyed fun.

“Nigerians should expect a lot of fun, high energy, laughter, humor, tension, prize-winning, celebrations, revelry, color, friendship, beauty, generosity, camaraderie, music, boldness, fashion, beauty, and did I say winnings?”



Emmanuel “Mannie” Essien, is a voice-over artiste, former actor, singer, compere and one of the top Nigerian radio presenters of our time. He is widely recognised as the host of the “Good Morning Nigeria Show” on Cool Fm 96.9, TV cooking competition “Knorr Taste Quest” and the co-host on “Discovery 234” on DSTV. He is a graduate of the University of Calabar where he studied Lingusitics.

Mannie is the game show Announcer; a role he is excited to take on, alongside the host Frank Edoho, as the dynamic duo that make the show tick.

“Frank is the interactive host, the main host who has the responsibility of breaking down the process to the contestants in a fun and professional way. Whereas I'm the other show announcer who specifically lets everyone know what is to be won and the details of the different products up for bid. I get to usher in the episodes, I rev up the audience. My voice is key here as it has to be strong, articulate and exciting”.

Mannie is quite thrilled to be the show’s announcer considering The Price Is Right’s global successes across 42 different regions in the world and he plans to bring his special touch to the Nigerian version of the show.

“I feel grateful to be a part of the show having heard about its success abroad for such a long time spanning decades. I actually feel lucky as well as tons of announcers must have gone through the auditions also. It's a great feeling.

As announcer, I will be very original. I will aim to entertain at the highest level keeping close in mind the format and not swaying away from it. I will hopefully aim to be the best show announcer of the show ever.”