Genesis Studios is one of Nigeria's leading lights in the media and entertainment industry with its core focus on film and television production. Starting out in 2006 with the vision to revolutionize the industry and be the beginning of media solutions, Genesis Studios has grown over the last ten years to become one of the best television content producers, a source of premium content for local/foreign stations, cable networks and media organizations in Nigeria and internationally. Genesis Studios boasts of an exceptional reputation earned through quality service delivery, innovation, human capital efficiency and focused leadership.

Our award-winning television drama series, So Wrong So Wright and Tales of Eve continue to enjoy prime placement on Nigeria's top network stations as well as across other African TV markets. Many of our subsidiaries also continue to provide media solutions in the area of distribution, media monitoring, broadcasting and other support services.

A testament to our ever growing profile is the recent acquisition of the right to produce the world's longest-running game show, The Price is Right from

FremantleMedia. We continue to display a steady flow of creativity and are currently involved in the production of several projects which are sure to further benefit our industry and the world we live in, as we continue to stay true to our vision.